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The Bespoke Art of Handcrafted Sneakers



KICKXOTIC has a minimalist design philosophy. Less is always more. The quality is the focal point of every pair. We invite and encourage all of our clients to lead the creative process and take an active role in finalizing the design.


We expertly source and work with some of the most prestigious tanneries and textile designers in the world. Ensuring only the most sustainable and premium quality materials are used in every pair of KICKXOTIC.


With uncompromising standards, and a keen eye for the minute details. We combine the most traditional shoemaking techniques with modern innovations to deliever beautiful lasting quality.

A world of limitless creativity

A Bespoke Made to Order Service

Commission a Project

Pattern & Last Development

All our Patterns and Last are all developed in house and available upon request

Request Any Model

Wordwide shipping

International Shipping is made with DHL Express. Free Local Delievery.

Lifetime support

Luxury is that which can be repaired. So if you have an issue just bring them back.

Appointment Only

We do not accept Walk-In. Please contact us to make an appointment.

Private Shoemaking Class


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Professional Consultation

For Expert Level Shoemakers who want to be professional in their craft or to start their own brand and is in need of professional guidance. Learn all the top industry tips and tricks and began your professional career on the right path.

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