Air Jordan 1 Alternate Top 3

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The design which we took inspiration from was the “Top 3” Air Jordan 1 as it is such an iconic pair made up of 3 OG colourways from 1985. We thought of ways to put our own twist on that colourway so seeing that the pair was inspired by the Chicago’s, Breds and Royals all made in 1985, we looked towards alternative colourways produced in 1985. We came to a conclusion that we wanted to use the Shadows, UNC’s and Black/White. This all put together created the “Alternate Top 3.” The “Alternate Top 3” is covered in corduroy which takes some inspiration from the Aleali May x Air Jordan 1 “Shadow Satins.” To make the pair have even more substance and some sort of nostalgic feeling to it, it includes a tear away feature which reveals the OG “Top 3” covered in patent leather (Inspiration from Jordan 1 “Gold Top 3”)

Another added feature along the process was the Jordan 1 1985 shape to pay homage to all the 1985 Colourways present on this shoe. Last but not least, the pairs are “alternating” so you may either receive a pair in inverse to this promotional pair 1/100 (Left foot has the pattern of the right foot or vice versa) Only 100 Pairs Will Be Released With Each Pair Being Numbered which Will Be Sold On A Made To Order Basis.