Established in Bangkok, KICKXOTIC™ is a Bespoke Custom Sneaker Brand. We are devoted to our Art of Handcrafted Custom Sneakers. Our aim is to provide a platform for our clients to explore the progressive art of custom sneakers. We are obsessed and uncompromising in our dedication to raw materials, craftsmanship, and customer satisfaction. Committed to offering our privileged clients the unique opportunity to take part in the creation of the most exclusive sneakers in the world. We also offer consultant services for designing and mass producing luxury sneakers.




Meet Our Team


Master Nuth

Mr Nuth - Master Pattern Maker
Mr Nuth has a lifetime of experience in the industry starting at the young age of only 16. With over 35 years of experience working with all types of leathers making everything from luxury handbags to bespoke shoes. He can truly do it all and with an impeccable eye for detail like no other. At KICKXOTIC, using his wealth of knowledge, Mr Nuth has focused his efforts at perfecting the art of pattern making. This is where our journey begins with every pair of KICKXOTIC. 


Master Joe

Mr Joe - Master Cordwainer

Mr Joe is a master at his craft. With over two decades of experience solely dedicated to perfecting the art of traditional shoe making. He is an Artist with the sewing machine, no technique or detail is ever overlooked. Mr Joe welcomes all new challenges as another opportunity to improve, refine and innovate. His calm and humble demeanor makes him an absolute joy to work with. At KICKXOTIC, the uncompromising Mr Joe focuses only on the reconstruction of the upper. 


Master Issara

Mr Issara - Master Last Puller

The last step in the any shoemaking process can either make or break it. With zero margins for error and the pressure of knowing everyone's hard work is resting on his shoulders. Known as the Closer; The Harvey Specter of shoemaking. Mr Issara has over 30 years of spealized experience as the closer for traditional bespoke handmade shoes. He is the magic that brings each pair of KICKXOTIC to life. With the confidence and swagger befitting of a true Master.


With over 85 years of combined experience, KICKXOTIC success is in large part due to the specialized talents, uncompromising dedication and the many sacrifices made by this Super-Star team of shoemakers. With the shared vision for KICKXOTIC to be the ultimate expression of luxury in a sneaker.