The Start of My Journey

Posted by Nicholas Benoit on

I would like to start by extending my love and gratitude for the people who have shown us nothing but love and support through their trust and unwavering faith. Myself and everyone at KICKXOTIC will continue to work tirelessly to make you proud.

For as long as I can remember, Hip-Hop has been my way of life and basketball was my refuge. For me Sneaker Culture was the bridge that connects the two worlds. Back in the day, I would try many times to convince my parents for the latest Jordan's by telling them the sneaker's back story and how the sneaker I wanted was different and special. My passion for sneakers only got stronger as I got older. The thing that I realized was, what makes an icon sneaker isn't so much the material or even the design, but the story that is told through the design, and how it resonates with the person wearing it.

During my time at the University of San Francisco I was introduced to the budding world of custom sneakers through the works of artists like Dominic Ciambrone of The Shoe Surgeon and Sam van IJzendoorn of VIJZ. Through their creativity and skills, they were able to change the story of an icon silhouette to piercingly resonate with an individual or group. Tremendously inspired, I was determined to bring this art back home to Bangkok. It took five relentless years of grind and struggle for me to master the techniques, skills and knowledge required to make my vision a reality.  

In late 2018 with the support of friends and family we started the brand  KICKXOTIC to showcase the very best of my designs while allowing our creative clients the best opportunity to bring their sneaker ideas to life. At KICKXOTIC we are all devoted to continually pushing forward the standards of bespoke luxury quality. With that spirit, I decided early on to find a way to ensure the legendary quality of KICKXOTIC. My standards had to be met consistently without any compromise. The only way for me to achieve this was to remain at a size and scale where I could personally work on each and every project we are privileged to receive and accept.

With my Art I hope to inspire everyone to never give up on their dreams. I hope to show the next generation what can be achieved with a relentless drive & dedication to your dream.  I never once imagined my lifelong passion and obsession with sneakers would lead me down a path to the career of my dreams. I am truly blessed to have the support to wake up each and every morning doing what I absolutely love. The Marathon Continues.


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